There are few places on Earth that deal with storms like the ones that regularly fall upon the Southeast. In order to handle and prepare for a storm properly, you must be ready before a storm hits the coastline. Below are some helpful hints to get you prepared before a storm hits your area.

Preparing For a Big Storm

Five quick things:

  • Fill up a few emergency gas cans for a generator, car, or boat, and remember to leave it in a safe area away from fire hazards.
  • Make sure your roof is leak-free. Hurricanes bring enough rain to soak your insulation, causing it to gain weight and collapse.
  • Trim your trees to keep them lean in case they fall.
  • Keep your flashlight batteries fresh and plenty of backup batteries on hand.
  • Have a generator and keep enough fuel to keep your fridge and freezer (at minimum) going for a week.

After The Storm

If your phone still works, your first call should be to your insurance agent and tell them about the damage and ask to send a representative to provide an assessment. Take notes, photos, and collect every receipt, for every damaged item and provide the list to the insurance agent when they arrive.

As soon as your notes are taken, call a storm damage repair crew and ask them for assistance. The property restoration experts will get in touch with your insurance, send a team to your property, and begin cleaning up and restoring your property while working cooperatively with your insurance provider.