A water loss in your home is tough to face. But swift action is essential if you want to fully restore your home with minimal damages. Permanent damage can set in within 48 hours, and mold growth begins. At ServiceMaster Restoration Services of Newnan, Georgia, we have your back.
Our team in Newnan is on call 24 hours every single day. With high-powered equipment, IICRC certified experts, and rapid response, we save you time and money — getting you back into your home quickly.
We use the most advanced and effective equipment, processes, and materials to ensure a high level of restoration.
The 7 Steps of Water Damage Restoration

  1. Loss inspection
    Our technicians assess the damage and determine the level of water restoration necessary. An estimate can be provided at this stage.
  2. Work authorization and communication
    We walk you through the damages and restoration process. As soon as the work authorization is signed by the property owner, we can get started.
  3. Water extraction
    All excess water is extracted from the affected space using powerful equipment that pulls the water out your home.
  4. Anti-microbial
    The application of an anti-microbial helps prevent the growth of mold, which is a common problem after water damage occurs.
  5. Drying Step 1
    With water extraction complete, the next step is to remove the excess moisture from the building materials. This requires commercial air movers, which make air circulate and pull additional moisture out.
  6. Drying Step 2
    As air movers help pull water out of the building materials, dehumidifiers pull the moisture back out of the air so it can be fully removed from your home.
  7. Drying Step 3
    Regular monitoring of moisture levels both on the surface and inside walls lets us know when the water damage restoration is complete. We don’t walk away until the job is truly done.