When a home or business sustains fire damage, it’s always a stressful situation. Not only could you be out of business or have no home to return to, but you lose valuable belongings, memories, and incur significant expenses to restore your property. To provide more information about fire damage, we’ve provided some helpful information to help property owners understand the characteristics of a fire.


The actual blaze of a fire does the least amount of damage. Yes, wood (and most other organic compounds) will turn into ash when fire consumes them, but that’s actually about it. The two residual effects of a fire cause are the culprits in causing the most damage.


The chemical reaction that occurs in a fire results in the release of a significant amount of heat — enough to crack stone, melt certain metals, warp materials, and dry out just about anything in its vicinity.


The other damaging aspect of a fire is the particles of burning materials that is released into the air in the form of smoke. Smoke can buildup and become absorbed into almost anything it comes into contact with. Nonporous surfaces will find themselves covered in an oily film of soot and porous surfaces may permanently be discolored and emit odors.

Clearly, the experts that clean up fire damage for Orlando homes and businesses understand the characteristics of fires and the damages they cause. Fortunately, there are the professional experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services who have a myriad of fire damage restoration techniques at their disposal to restore properties from burn and smoke damages.