Mold is a headache in any property. ServiceMaster Restoration Services would like to share some tips on how you can prevent and avoid mold from ever settling within your property. We’re the local experts who provide top quality services for mold removal in Pensacola, FL and several other locations. Below is what you can do to make sure your property is safe from mold.


Dehumidifiers work to eliminate moisture from the air to create drier air. One of the key elements to mold growth is the need of high levels of humidity or moisture. By utilizing a dehumidifier you take away a key component mold requires to grow, allowing you to prevent mold growth from ever occurring.

Weather Stripping

At least once a year, check the weather stripping along your windows. During the cold seasons, moisture and condensation can develop on windows that have poor weather seals or are non-energy efficient. The condensation that develops on your windows can trickle down to the windowsills and walls creating water damage and mold to grow. Check your window seals and if they are damaged, torn, or breaking apart, replace them as soon as possible to prevent moisture buildup and mold.

Inspect Your Property

Annually, inspect the non-common areas of your home such as your basements, attics, crawlspaces, and under sink cabinets. These are all prime places where mold can develop as moisture can easily be trapped or water leaks may be able to intrude resulting in a perfect environment for mold growth.

Use Your Fans

Fans in bathrooms and above kitchen stoves are not only used to help remove odors. These fans are used to help remove steam and moisture that is generated by hot showers and cooking. The steam from these items can cling onto walls and allow mold spore to sprout and create colonies.

Check Your Pipes

Be sure to check your pipe system either yourself or by a professional. This is one of the most common areas of how water damage and moisture can infiltrate into your property. A small leak can damage your property’s structures as well as invite mold to develop in hidden areas.

But if you have already found mold within your property, contact ServiceMaster Restoration Services right away. We’re the experts who provide services for mold remediation in Pensacola, FL. Our team will contain the mold, eliminate, it and ensure that your property is safe. For more information about services for mold removal in Pensacola, contact the ServiceMaster Restoration Services office today!