As you celebrate the holidays and keep warm with your family this winter, take care not to put yourself at risk of a preventable fire. At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, your trusted Orlando, Florida fire damage restoration expert, we have tackled cleanup for thousands of Orlando fires. Follow these tips to minimize your risk of fire this holiday season.

  • Have a professional inspect the pilot light and clean your furnace
  • Get the chimney cleaned and check that the flue is open
  • Wood stoves and other alternative heat sources should be inspected as well prior to their first use of the season
  • Space heaters should be set up with a clear space on all sides, and plugged directly into the wall rather than an extension cord
  • Inspect your holiday lights for frayed cords or broken bulbs, and replace as needed
  • Prior to hanging holiday lights, check manufacturer’s instructions for how many you can string together
  • Place your tree in a tip-proof stand, keep it several feet away from the fireplace, and water the tree frequently so it does not dry out
  • Only purchase artificial trees made from flame retardant materials
  • If you are using candles this holiday season, snuff them before you leave the room, even for a couple minutes

If fire does disrupt your celebrations this winter, call the Orlando fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services. Our team is standing by 24-hours, every day of the year, to get your home restored as quickly as possible.