The Orlando restoration experts offer several specialized treatments for smoke and fire damages that effectively treat the damage and lingering odors.

Smoke spreads rapidly throughout a building, impacting every nook and cranny. Smoke and soot are challenging to clean; the wrong cleaning solution or chemical application can cause even greater damage. At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, our smoke damage restoration experts in Orlando are highly trained and licensed professionals with an in-depth understanding of the best practices to remove soot and eliminate smoke odors in your home or business.

Key Warnings for Smoke and Soot Damage:

  • Consult a professional before attempting to wash walls that are painted or covered in wallpaper. Specific cleaning processes are essential to effectively clean soot from these surfaces, and incorrect processes can lead to costly replacement, instead of cleaning.
  • Wait for professional advice before attempting to clean soot from carpets, drapes, or upholstery to avoid causing further damage.
  • Avoid contact with surfaces affected by soot. You can transfer the soot to other surfaces, spreading the problem, and the oils on your hands may react with the soot and cause further damages.
  • If there was a fire, or if there was water present, do not use electrical appliances, fixtures, or sockets until they have been checked to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Discard any food, hygiene items, medication, or other items that may have been affected by the fire or smoke.
  • Call the Orlando experts to begin smoke damage cleanup immediately to maximize restoration and minimize the cost and disruption to your life.