Mold infestation in any property is always a upsetting discovery and can mean a variety of issues with your property that you must deal with. Mold can be the result of pipe leaks, pipe bursts, excessive moisture buildup, structural water damage and much more. To eliminate mold growth within your home or commercial setting, you’ll need reliable mold remediation in Tallahassee from the trustworthy experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services.

Mold needs three minimal conditions to be met in order to grow. All that is required is moisture, a dark area, and organic materials as a food source. Mold is often a difficult situation to handle because it often grows in dark, hidden areas, and is only visible once it has caused significant amount of damage or has infested and penetrated from the inside of a wall, that it begins to appear on the visible side.

Mold can cause a series of issues for property owners or managers, not only will mold render damages to structures that may require replacement, it can also carry adverse health affects. The spores, particles, and odors, a mold growth emits can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, and illnesses. Once mold is discovered within your property, you need ServiceMaster Restoration Services.

We’re the experts for mold remediation in Tallahassee, our team of mold technicians are all professionally trained and utilize advanced techniques and equipment to eliminate mold from properties. With our assistance, we’ll be able to transform your home or commercial office back into a mold-free environment.

For more information on our mold remediation services in Tallahassee and other areas, pleas feel free to contact our office today with any questions or concerns you may have.