Identify Your Trusted Sources of Information for a Hurricane Event

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center are your official sources for hurricane forecasts and the issuance of hurricane watches and warnings. Your local NOAA National Weather Service forecast office provides information regarding the expected impacts from the storm for your area. Emergency managers will make the decisions regarding evacuations.

Organizations such as FLASH make disaster safety recommendations. And the media outlets will broadcast this information to you. All work together to be your trusted sources, especially for those less able to take care of themselves.

5 Things to Know About Where to Get Hurricane Info

  1. Television

    Tune in to your trusted local news source.

  2. Phone

    Access on your mobile phone and get Wireless Emergency Alerts.

  3. Radio

    Receive forecast information and news on your NOAA Weather Radio.

  4. Social Media

    Follow official government agencies, trusted media partners, and share critical information with friends and family.

  5. Computer

    Access information from,, and