With Hurricane Preparedness Week closing out the month of May, ServiceMaster Restoration Services would like to take the month of June to offer tips on preparing your family and business for any sort of natural disaster. The 2014 Hurricane Season is in effect from June 1st through November 30th. According to The Weather Channel, Although hurricane season began on June 1, at least 80% of hurricanes have historically occurred between August and October. This gives us time to prep our families, friends and businesses.

You might think the possibility of damage is low if you don’t reside near a coastline. However, inland areas can experience significant damage.

 Rain up to 10 inches can accumulate several hundred miles from a hurricane’s landfall. Windfall can reach over 60 mph when weather conditions are right.

 Pay attention to any hurricane or tropical storm alerts and make sure you are prepared if disaster strikes.

 ServiceMaster Restore has helped shoulder the devastation of many catastrophic events including Hurricane Opal, Charley, Francis, Jeanne, Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Ike, Irene and Sandy.

For any more information on disaster preparedness please call ServiceMaster Restoration Services and we would happy to provide you with planning tips!