Next week is Hurricane Preparedness Week. As we approach National Hurricane Preparedness Week and hurricane season, which officially begins June 1st, remember that ServiceMaster Restore is ready to help.

With satellite imagery, the ServiceMaster Restore Disaster Operations Center tracks global weather and uses a mapping system to plot customers’ homes and businesses to determine in real time where weather threats are imminent. If disaster strikes in your area, we’ll be ready.

This year NOAA has asked us to focus on the following topics for each day During Hurricane Preparedness Week:

Sunday, May 15 – Determine Your Risk

Monday, May 16 – Develop an Evacuation Plan

Tuesday, May 17 – Secure an Insurance Check-up

Wednesday, May 18 – Assemble Disaster Supplies

Thursday, May 19 – Strengthen Your Home

Friday, May 20 – Identify Trusted Sources of Information for a Hurricane Event

Saturday, May 21 – Complete Your Written Hurricane Plan