Hoarding cleanup on Hoarders: Family SecretsAwareness of hoarding has continued to grow since the American Psychiatric Association designated the disorder as a distinct mental illness in 2013. Most recently, Lifetime Television debuted Hoarders: Family Secrets, a new series featuring Matt Paxton and individuals afflicted with the hoarding disorder.

As the only national provider of hoarding recovery clean out services, ServiceMaster Restore® has partnered with Matt Paxton to develop an exclusive program for helping individuals struggling with the hoarding disorder clean out their home in a compassionate and effective manner. Our specially trained franchisees learn about the hoarding disorder, how to identify potential hoarding triggers, how to properly communicate with hoarders and their family members and ultimately how to manage the clean out process to help obtain successful results. This holistic training program and operational protocol developed by Matt Paxton for ServiceMaster Restore helps hoarders reclaim their lives while making their homes safer to inhabit.

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, we are here to assist you in your work with hoarders and their families.  Please contact us to receive more details on how we can help.

Hoarding cleanup services on Hoarders: Family Secrets