When a hurricane hits your city and more importantly, your home or office, it’s a highly difficult situation to process. Dealing with Orlando water & hurricane damage isn’t an easy task, but is much needed. Below are some important tips when you find yourself facing Orlando water damage and hurricane damages.

Extinguish Fires

A surprising number of homes and commercial facilities fall to a fire during a severe storm or hurricane. As electrical fires can erupt, equipment can malfunction, and power lines can short. After experiencing a storm and Orlando water damages, you must always make sure that your property isn’t engulfed in flames. If it is contact your local fire department to extinguish it.

Document Everything

One of your highest priorities after experiencing storm, hurricane or water damages in Orlando is to document all the damages. Using a pen and paper to make list is a good start, but pictures or video is the best format for documenting damages and providing evidence to your insurance carrier.

Protect Your Property

If your home or commercial facility has damages, you need to protect it from the elements to avoid additional damages. This may lead that you cover your home or office with a large tarp, boarding up your windows and doors, or using sandbags to prevent runoff water entering your property. If you fail to properly keep the water out, you risk everything from mold to structural impurities.

Contact the Experts

Whenever you are dealing with severe properties damages for your home or office, you need the assistance of professional restoration experts such as ServiceMaster Restoration Services. With our assistance we can help restore your office or home from fire damage, structural damages, and water damage in Orlando. By calling the experts for help, your one step closer to getting your home or office fully restored and back to normal.

When you need assistance with Orlando water damage or storm damage, contact ServiceMaster Restoration Services for all of your disaster restoration needs. We’re the experts who will fully restore and transform your property back to its pre-loss condition.