Residential homes and commercial facilities in Tallahassee undergo a number of threats on an annual basis, from heavy storms, hurricanes, floods, and more. When you find yourself dealing with storm or water damage in Tallahassee, FL, ServiceMaster Restoration Services has some helpful advice you can follow to help get the restoration process started, please see below:

Storm Damage Recovery

  • Contact your insurance: After sustaining any type of damages from a storm, you need to contact your insurance and inform them of the situation you are facing so that they can help you restore your property from damages. After contacting your insurance, begin to record damages and take photos of all the damages you’ve sustained as evidence for the claims process.
  • Damage restoration is not a project you can take on yourself: Due to water damage, bacteria and mold growth can begin within hours. Restoring a property from storm and water damage is not a simple, as you need to repair structures and ensure that materials are thoroughly sanitized. This is best left to the professionals, who are able to handle everything from water extraction, antimicrobial applications, drying, and structural repairs.
  • Be careful of electrocution: When a property is damaged by a severe storm, there is a good chance that the floors may be wet or contain standing water and that nearby appliances may be broken, possibly exposing wires. Before entering any property, verify that the power has been shutoff to avoid the dangers of electrocution.
  • Move items: When you are able to enter your property, begin to move your valuables out of the area and into a safe location. Move items such as furniture, paintings, photos, electronics, and other belongings into storage or another safe, dry area.

When you find yourself dealing with fire, storm, or water damages in Tallahassee, you can rely on the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services. We’re experts that specialize in disaster restoration and specialty cleaning services. With us, we’ll be able to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Contact our office today to learn more about our services for storm and water damages restoration in Tallahassee.