A parent’s worst fear is the safety of their family, during everyday life and especially in a disaster situation. At any time a family can be hit with flooding, hurricanes, tornados, storms, wildfires and any other natural disaster. The unfortunate thing about these circumstances is that they cannot be controlled, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature when a storm or other disaster strikes your area. The best thing you can do is prepare for the worst and take the proper precautions so that you are not left unprepared in the event of an emergency. Below is a list of tips recommended by the Red Cross:

  • Know what emergencies or disasters are most likely to occur in your community.
  • Have a family disaster plan and have practiced it.
  • Have an emergency preparedness kit.
  • Make sure at least one member of your household is trained in first aid and CPR/AED.
  • Take action to help your community prepare.

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