Flooding of a property can be due to a variety of items such as burst pipes, heavy rainfall, backed up systems, or faulty drainage issues that allows water to infiltrate the property. But when a flooding occurs, property owners and managers need to be aware of the types of flooding that can occur. Below is a more in depth description of the two common flood types that can occur and the characteristics of each.

Clear Water Flooding

The first type of flooding is called “clear water flooding”; it poses the least amount of damages, as it only contains clean, clear water. Clear water flooding generally happens when a water line or pipe breaks, resulting in clean water to flood and rush into your property. The cleanup and restoration process for clear water flooding is quite basic, restoration technicians will extract any leftover standing water, clean and sanitize the area to eliminate any mold or bacteria that may have begun to develop, dry structures, and replace any materials as needed.

Black Water Flooding

The next type of flooding that can occur is called “black water flooding” and this is the type of the flooding you wish to avoid at all costs. Black water flooding receives its name because of the dark, murky water that can flood your property. Unlike clear water flooding, black water flooding has water infiltrating your property from the outdoors or from a sewage line. Water from these sources contains several contaminants from microbes, bacteria, dirt, and much more.

Black water flooding can be highly difficult to clean due to the amount of bacteria and contaminants that are involved. The issue at hand is that when black water enters your property, your carpets, walls, and belongings can all absorb the water making it nearly impossible to remove all of the microbes that are involved. When handling structures infested with black water, it is generally recommended to replace materials altogether rather than attempting to clean and sanitize them, this way you can guarantee that your structures will not be infested with bacteria that create health hazards.

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