Frying Turkeys

It’s the holiday season and we are only a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving. There will be a lot of families baking their turkeys to a golden brown and some will fry them to a tender crisp. While deep-fried turkey is amazing, tender and locks in […]

  • Winter fire safety.

Winter & Fire Proofing Your Home

Winter is right around the corner. We hear a lot about Spring cleaning, but what about Winter cleaning? While Spring cleaning empties your home of unnecessary items and dust that has built up over a season indoors, winter cleaning prepares your home, inside and out, to weather a chillier climate. This includes cleaning furnaces and […]

  • Space heater safety precautions.

Space Heaters

Fall is here and it’s getting starting to get cold out there! Make sure you use precaution when using space heaters and fireplaces.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, in 2010 there were 57,100 home structure fires related to heating equipment due to space heaters, failure to clean heating equipment and placing things that can […]