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  • Cleaning up after guests.

Guests are Gone, but the Mess Remains

One of the best aspects of the holidays is spending time with family and friends. But no one enjoys cleaning up the mess that remains after guests leave. Here are three tips from Good Housekeeping to help you clean up fast so you can relax in the new year.

  1. Tackle the table.
    Cleaning off […]

  • Temperature map.

It’s Going to Get Cold!

An arctic air mass brought down by a dip in the jet stream will send much of the US east of the Continental Divide below freezing over the next couple of days. This dip in the jet stream has already brought on sub-zero temperatures and increased DR volume, near mini-cat level, in the West, particularly […]

  • Frozen pipes.

Do’s and Don’ts of Frozen Pipes

As we roll into the new year, we want to make sure that you’re prepared for the winter months ahead. Regardless of what part of the country you live in, chances are you will experience some sort of winter weather. With this season comes freezing temperatures and increased amounts of precipitation, the result of which can […]

  • Giving back.

Giving Back

The holiday season is a great time to give back to your community. Whether you donate money or time, giving back is beneficial–and not just for the recipients. Research has shown that the old adage, “it’s better to give than to receive” is true after all. ServiceMaster Restoration Services sees great value in working with […]

  • Holiday safety tips from Matt Paxton.

Safe Holiday Advice

You want to spend Christmas with family and friends making memories, not dealing with a fire damage disaster. Take a look at this video where Matt Paxton goes over simple safety tips to help you through the holidays and be cautious of common fire hazards. Always remember that just because it’s winter doesn’t mean […]

  • Matt Paxton talks professional carpet cleaning.

Winter Carpet Care

Prepare your home or business for the additional traffic the holidays bring with professional carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster Clean. Check out the video below to see Matt Paxton from TV’s “Hoarders” break down the difference between professional and DIY carpet cleaning. And there IS a big difference! You can possibly permanently damage your carpet […]

  • Dog in the snow.

It’s Getting Cold Out!

The temperatures have dropped and the winter weather is working its way into the fall season. Below are a few more winter weather terms that would be beneficial to you know for the upcoming season. Always remember that remaining informed and prepared is the best way to get ready for severe weather or […]

  • Winter weather terms.

Do You Know Your Winter Weather Terms?

Winter weather may be here earlier than anticipated with the Pacific Typhoon that went through Alaska and a possible Polar Vortex forecast for the Central U.S. this week. To help us prepare for the cold weather ServiceMaster wants to educate you on certain winter weather terms. When you know the terms, it can make you […]

  • Office hoarding tips from Matt Paxton.

Give Your Office An End of the Year Clean Sweep

As you wrap up the calendar year, don’t forget to give your office a clean sweep. It’s easy for items to gather up in corners of the office that people don’t visit often. Having a clean office improves productivity and makes people feel better about their environment. If you haven’t had a chance to clean […]

  • Cold weather safety tips.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Winter is right around the corner, and although beautiful, winter precipitation can knock out heat or power, sometimes for several days. Make sure you are prepared, no matter what this winter season may hold, by following these home tips.

  • Prevent ice dams by periodically inspecting the roof drainage system for proper flow, including […]