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  • Prevent spreading the flu.

Spread the Love, Not the Flu

The flu will definitely put a damper on your Valentine’s Day plans, so follow this advice from the CDC to protect yourself and others.

  • Get the flu vaccine.
  • Avoid others who are sick and wash your hands often with soap and water.
  • If you do get sick, limit contact with others and take flu antiviral […]
  • Lightning storm safety tips.

February 5, 2015: Lightning Safety Day

We are on day 4 of Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Day 1 was Family preparedness day and NOAA Weather radio day, Day 2 was Thunderstorm Safety day, Day 3 was Tornado Safety Day and today, Day 4 is Lightning Safety day. Here is some information to help you protect yourself and your families during a […]

  • Preventing mold when it's cold.

Preventing Mold in the Home During Cold Weather Months

For homeowners and business owners, foreseeing major disasters like fires, storms, or earthquakes is easy enough. In fact, many even combat such disasters by taking preventative measures in the forms of insurance, emergency kits, generators, etc. One disaster most homeowners do not foresee, however, is mold. Not only is mold harmful to […]

  • Be a force of nature!

Severe Weather Preparedness Week February 2-6

From tornadoes to lightning to floods, the southeast is susceptible to a variety of natural disasters. Severe weather is dangerous and can strike with very little warning, which is why it’s important to get ready in advance. Severe Weather Preparedness Week runs from February 2 – 6, and it’s a great time to make sure […]

  • Fireplace safety for the cold season.

How to Prep Your Fireplace for the Cold Season

With temperatures dropping, and winter underway, now’s a great time to prepare your wood burning or gas fireplace for the fall. Most of the simple inspections and cleaning can be done by the average home owner, however, if you have any doubt at all, contact your local fireplace installer or chimney sweep. We’ll cover both […]

  • Customer Service.

Reality Check on Customer Service

Author Kate Zabriskie said, “The customer’s perception is your reality.” Although networking may help you get new customers, good customer service helps you keep them. It’s important to remember that certain companies have built their brand on their customer service policies. Companies like Chick-fil-A, Amazon and American Express are known for excellent customer service; they’ve […]

  • Networking.

Networking Advice: “Hello, My Name Is…”

Networking is one of the most effective ways to make new connections, build your business and create lasting relationships in your career. They say that the most profitable lead generation and new clients come from people you know! So consider networking to be of the utmost importance in your marketing strategy, even if you’re just […]

  • The water damage drying process.

The Water Drying Process

With the recent cold weather throughout the US, there have been some frozen pipes that have burst and ServiceMaster is called to mitigate the home. In order to return affected areas to their pre-loss condition, a professional must begin a four-step drying process as soon as possible. Our technicians understand the complexities of water damage and […]


Local Businesses Support Ft. Benning Wounded Warrior Association

The first annual Warrior Recognition and Appreciation Day (WRAD) will take place on February 11th, 2015 at Barley J Hunting Preserve, benefiting the Ft. Benning Wounded Warrior Association.  Three local businesses –  ServiceMaster Recovery Management of the Southeast, Masterbuilt and River City Contracting – are Gold-level Sponsors for the event.  The Ft. Benning Wounded Warrior […]

  • Goal setting.

Skip the Resolutions, Focus on Systems

It’s the beginning of a New Year, and everyone is setting New Year’s resolutions. But past experience has taught us that setting resolutions isn’t effective. But setting goals can be if you create systems to support them. Systems are the practices or processes you put in place to help you achieve your goals. For example, […]