August ends the maternity season for many species of bats. If you see bats flying around your home in a certain flight path it is most likely you have a bat colony living near or possibly in your home. Most bat colonies will start to look for a new home around this time as the weather is cooling down. They will be looking for a safe place to hibernate…possibly your attic. Attics that are around 35-40 degrees are ideal hibernation areas, because they allow the bats to reduce their metabolic processes for hibernation, but do not cause them to freeze.

Bats are a protected species due to the benefits they provide by eating insects and pests. If your home has a colony of bats living in it make sure that you call a certified bat removal company so that they can be safely and legally removed. ServiceMaster recommends that you do your research on a quality bat exterminator company, call around and get quotes from at least three different companies.

Once the bats are removed, more than likely there is going to be a lot of bat guano and feces left behind. These droppings are toxic and should be removed carefully or by a professional. These droppings can carry a fungus known to cause Histoplasmosis. Don’t breathe the feces and avoid contact with them. Ideally, you should wear a HEPA filter mask and spray the fecal material down with 10% bleach solution if doing it yourself.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services has the right equipment and resources to clean up the droppings left behind by bats. Give us a call today for an estimate.


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