For fire damage repair and restoration services in Orlando, FL, you can always rely on the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration. We specialize in disaster restoration services, and we’ll be able to restore damages and transform your fire-damaged property back to its rightful condition. Our restoration technicians are professionally trained and have the skills and experience to complete any challenge you have in store for us. We use specially designed techniques and advanced equipment to clean, restore, and rescue your structures and belongings.

We have our lines available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services for water and fire damages. When you contact us for fire damage restoration services, we’ll assemble a team of our experts and have them sent to your location within hours to begin the restoration process. But as you wait for our experts to arrive, we have some helpful action items you can take upon yourself when you are facing fire damages in your home or business.

What You Can Do:

– Reduce dust and smoke odors by opening all the doors and windows of your property.
– Clean soot from fixtures and solid surfaces to avoid the chance of permanent staining or damages.
– Clean out your refrigerator if there is no electricity to avoid unwanted odors.
– Remove the majority of soot from fabrics by hovering a vacuum hose over items, but do not press on soot as you risk trapping the soot within the fibers.
– Discard any open food packages, as they can be contaminated.
– Reduce the amount of soiling on your floors by placing tarps and large linens on the ground.
– Place finely knit damp cloths over air vents to capture dust and soot.
– If possible, use fans to circulate the air, reduce odors, and remove moisture.

When you need support and assistance after experiencing fire damages, you can count on ServiceMaster Restoration for all of your fire and smoke damage needs in Orlando, Florida and several other areas. Contact us today to learn how we can benefit you and transform your damaged property back to its rightful condition.