1. Take steps to prevent water damage from flooding or a storm in your Pensacola home, by making sure that your home’s gutters are functioning properly, the landscaping around your house will keep water from pooling around your foundation, the windows are properly sealed, and the roof is in good repair.
  2. Inspect pipes and keep an eye out for indicators of unseen damage, such as dark spots on the walls or an increase in your water bill.
  3. Check your insurance coverage. Many homeowner or renter’s insurance policies do not cover a sewer backup or flood. Do you know what kinds of water damage are covered by your insurance policy?
  4. Document your possessions. If you do experience a water damage disaster in your home, you want to be sure you know what items were affected and their value.
  5. Know who to call. The last thing you want to be doing when you experience a water disaster is desperately searching for someone who can help you. At ServiceMaster Restoration Services of Pensacola, Florida, we have the expertise, equipment, and skill to fully restore your home. With our team only a call away for emergency services 24/7, your life can get back to normal quickly.